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Depending on the function of the exhibit and the level of elegance they are designed to portray, many types of mannequins are employed in stores. High-density foam, stainless steel tube, and a sturdy wood tripod make up the mannequin. 

The strong mannequin body frame goes with any clothes, making it ideal for both dress forms and home decor. Mannequins come in various styles to suit specific establishments’ presentations or layouts. Some fashion mannequins are suitable for nearly any kind and sort of show they are intended to be used in. These are some of the dress forms:

  • Mannequins are realistic

They certainly live true to their moniker. Mannequins made to resemble actual people are known as realistic mannequins. Their fiberglass skin is designed to look like human skin, giving them a more natural appearance. Realistic fashion mannequins are sized to look like real people, and their heads are covered with wigs that may be made to look casual or formal, depending on how they’ll be dressed. The majority of these mannequins are seen at high-end or pricey stores. Both male and female variants are formed and created so that clothes placed on them appear usable and as real as possible.

  • Sexy Mannequins 

Some establishments, such as lingerie stores or ‘adult’ stores, use sexy fashion mannequins. They’re composed of high-quality fiberglass, and the skin has a lifelike feel to it. They include detachable limbs that can accessorize them with lingerie or for use in the bedroom. While they are available in both genders, most are designed to look like women. These fashion mannequins have sensuous forms and can be found in suggestive stances to enhance the items’ appeal.

  • Abstract mannequins

Because of their exquisitely fine detailed finish, these mannequins are extremely popular in high-end stores and exhibits. Abstract mannequins are increasingly viewed as contemporary works of art at high-end fashion retailers worldwide. They have distinct facial traits that set them out from the crowd. Muscles, elbows, and fingernails are among their other characteristics.

  • Headless mannequins

These are excellent choices for displays that are restricted by the ceiling height. They, too, are made of fiberglass and come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and poses, depending on the display’s needs. Their neck is usually straight, and their fiberglass structure provides longevity. Because they lack emotions, male and female headless fashion mannequins effectively display all types of clothing.

  • Child mannequins

Child fashion mannequins assist parents in identifying ideas for how to outfit their children for various occasions. These provide stores with them a display advantage over those that don’t. Baby, child, and adolescent are the sub-classes, which correspond to the age range they are supposed to represent. 

On the other hand, baby dummies are in lower demand than the other two. Teenager mannequins attract teens interested in fashion and are likely to be drawn to fashion merchandise. They can be found in a variety of positions. Baby mannequins can also be found crawling, and teenager mannequins can be seen bouncing or smiling.

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