Tips for Proper Grease Application for Maximum Efficiency

An electric motor has a potential design life of 20 years or more. Despite this, tens of thousands of industrial electric motors are in the trash. This leads to massive losses for industries everywhere.

This post will discuss different ways to optimize the electric motor grease process to keep these critical pieces of equipment functioning correctly and maximizing their life cycle. Following these suggestions from Grease Manufacturers In India, you should notice consistent results.

Use proper lubrication

Motor lubrication instructions often rely on the operator to run the motor in ideal or near-ideal circumstances. To decrease vibration and shock load, maintain the motor, shaft, and bearing assembly clean, dry, aligned, and serviced. Let’s go through how to keep your electric motor’s bearings lubricated even under less-than-ideal conditions. Numerous professional organizations and Grease Manufacturers In India have determined that early bearing failure owing to poor lubrication methods causes 50-60% of motor failures.

Avoid over-lubricating your bearings.

Excessive lubrication might cause grease or oil to enter the windings. This will cause the insulation around the winding to degrade, resulting in arcing and shorting within the motor to the casing. Excessive lubrication causes excessive heat and wears on the rotor and stator.

Re-greasing necessitates current best practices and your unique service environment. Use caution when utilizing instructions developed years ago and may no longer be relevant to currently available technology and procedure suggestions.

Ultrasonic or acoustical monitoring throughout the re-greasing process can help you avoid over-greasing. When the acoustic indication shows that the bearing contact surfaces have been suitably refilled with fresh lubricant, stop greasing says an expert from Grease Manufacturers In India.

Automated lubricant dispensers

Consider employing tiny automated grease dispensers if the personnel is limited. These devices might be gas-powered or electro-mechanical. Choose a unit that corresponds to the motor bearing’s speed factor and service temperature. For standby equipment, synchronized Grease Manufacturers In India units are available. Synchronized dispensers can be connected to the motor supply, junction box, or controller directly. Dispensers can also be equipped with vibration sensor modules, which activate the dispenser when the motor is turned on.

Choose the Optimal Bearing Type for Your Application

Electric motor bearings can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. On the motor identification plate, the specific bearing used in the motor is normally indicated. However, it is better not to trust the information because, in many cases, motors have been rebuilt and bearings may change from the original OEM configuration, adds Grease Manufacturers In India expert. Each arrangement has its own set of unique bearing and lubrication issues.

Bearings that are not closed

An inner and outer raceway, rolling components, and a retaining cage make up an open bearing. There is no shield or seal in an open style. Lubrication grease readily goes through the bearing components and pours into the bearing. Its design is useful since grease exchange is maximized while re-greasing. As a result, this bearing design operates cooler than others, allowing impurities to be readily purged, and uses less grease gun power to inject new grease. And because there are no shields, there is no danger of the shield collapsing or being pushed into the rolling components, adds maker from Grease Manufacturers In India.

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