Understanding the importance of research for business administrators

It is important to understand the role research plays in a company’s success to be a vital member of the administration at any business.

Good research skills and data analysis help companies stay ahead of the competition and decrease risk and losses.

Here is what you need to know to understand why research should always be taken seriously at any size business.

Organized conflict resolution

If you are going to solve a problem, you need to know everything you can about it. This means researching both sides of an issue and attempting to empathize. In today’s world, a lot of one-sided thinking leads to missing out on important aspects of a problem. To achieve fair conflict resolution, it is essential to know where each side is coming from so you can address concerns, offers reassurance, and point everyone in the right direction.

Understanding the marketplace and competition

Staying at the forefront of market trends and knowing what your competitors are up to is essential in today’s highly competitive business world. Staying on top requires constant research and data analysis. You need to know what is working for your competition and what is not to maximize your workforce’s success and efficiency.

Understanding your market and key demographics helps you give customers what they want and improve existing products and services. Improvements help your company gain a bigger slice of the market in your niche.

Surveys help you to understand customer needs better

Creating quality surveys and reaching out to key groups helps businesses learn specific information. A lot of thought needs to go into surveys to make them something people want to participate in. How a question is phrased can make all the difference in getting accurate responses that yield the information you want to gain from your target audience.

A larger sample size is always better than a smaller one. Online surveying methods make it more convenient for more people to respond to a survey. In addition, electronic surveys make data compilation easier. No going over responses and recording them entirely by hand. Phone surveys are becoming less common due to so many people needing to be more aware of scams or simply getting cold called at inconvenient times.

Research cuts down on lost revenue

With good research, a company can avoid making mistakes that cost customers. Knowing what customers want and need also reduces the risk of developing products that sell poorly. With thorough research, you can hone in and concentrate on further developing products that are the most likely to increase revenue and your company’s exposure to more customers than ever before.

You may also discover a great need for an improvement or product that you have yet to consider. Customers often offer their input in the further comments section of surveys. You may be quite surprised at the information gained when you include space in a survey for additional comments.

Gaining the opinions of experts is invaluable

A lot goes into developing great new products or launching a new company branch. Consulting with experts helps avoid costly mistakes. Expert opinions and analysis ensure a higher quality product. Gaining endorsements from highly recognized experts in a field can lead to potential customers having a higher level of trust in your product.

Experts also help with the overall design of a new product so that engineers can take it to the next level.

Research can alert a company to many new opportunities

Your company may want to expand but isn’t sure of the best path to take or what products they want to develop. Research can help zero in on exciting and lucrative opportunities. Think of research and networking as an opportunity to brainstorm with many people.

Developing a product or service with diligent research

Some specific demographics can be more challenging than others to reach out to, but it is necessary for long-term success. In today’s world, a slight error of judgment or misunderstanding can lead to your product or company gaining a negative reputation.

Research allows companies to understand different types of potential customers better. This is invaluable when considering how to expand a business most effectively.

Research allows companies to decide where to place brick-and-mortar stores

Retail and business space is costly, so it is crucial to make good decisions when leasing or purchasing space. Analyzing data and demographics makes it easier for companies to determine if a brick-and-mortar store has a decent chance of being profitable in the long term.

Gaining good research skills can help the career advancement of business administrators

If you have good research skills as an administrator, it will show in the quality and efficiency of your work. Your communications will be more knowledgeable and easier for others to understand. Employees with a good eye for detail stand out when it comes time for promotions and other career advancement opportunities. Knowing how to use and apply research ultimately results in higher pay throughout your career.

Pursuing an advanced degree helps improve research skills

Taking classes requires a lot of research. When you practice research skills and learn how to analyze statistics and data to gain more knowledge, you gain a distinct advantage over those that take things at face value. Aston University’s Online DBA is an excellent way to achieve the degree and skills you need to secure an executive business administration position.

Online degrees make a lot of sense for those already working in the business because they can be pursued while maintaining a full-time job, and the tuition is more affordable than attending classes on campus.


Business administrators should take a long look at how seriously their company is taking research and consider making it more of a priority. Online surveys, talking to employees, encouraging communication, and taking a good look at what competitors are doing wrong and right can encourage innovation and implement positive change.

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