Marriage loan is one of the most popular types of personal loans that are usually taken up by modern Indian families to meet all the expenses, small and big, of a particular wedding. Indian weddings are luxurious and expensive, where it is all about social status and a modern lifestyle. Parents use up a majority portion of their savings towards the expenses of a wedding. Going much beyond their capacity, Indian weddings are known as fat weddings because of the high expenses that are involved in them.

Starting from relatives, gifts, catering services, and royal venues for weddings, all of it becomes very expensive for an Indian family to bear.

Therefore, something or the other in addition always comes up during a wedding. No matter how much you have planned or designed a budget for a wedding, there will be some last-minute expenses and emergencies for which you will fall short on budget. It does not look good to borrow from friends, family, and guests.

Therefore, the privilege of a wedding loan is undoubtedly one of the best financial solutions that individuals can take to meet and cover all the expenses related to the wedding. A personal loan is completely affordable and flexible and can be used for anything which comes up. An instant personal loan online is instantly approved if you meet the credit eligibility criteria. Therefore, it is easy to get a wedding loan and meet all the expenses during the wedding season.

How to apply for a marriage loan?

To get a marriage loan, you need to qualify for a personal loan. A marriage loan is an unsecured loan that does not demand any security from the borrower but one needs to meet all the credit eligibility requirements as set by various loan providers. Marriage loans are very popular nowadays due to the rise in wedding budgets. Therefore, various online platforms are offering affordable marriage loans with instant disbursement so that it becomes easy. However, since it is an unsecured form of loan the eligibility criteria are high and the individual needs to meet the requirements in terms of income and credit profile. By credit profile, it means an impressive credit score, balanced credit utilization ratio, and credit mix. Use a loan eligibility criteria to find your eligible loan sanction amount and if you are eligible at all to get a marriage loan. The eligibility calculators are available online for absolutely free of cost that helps you with an instant result.

Use a loan calculator

To compare all the available options that you can find to get a marriage loan at an affordable cost. The comparison is done to ensure that the borrower gets an affordable loan cost so that the monthly installments do not become a burden.

If you compare a good number of options before buying technology or an outfit, it is important to get the same thing done at the time of borrowing full support when you borrow, you will always find a slight difference in the personal loan interest rate either in a good way or in a negative way.

Therefore, after the comparison is done you can use a loan calculator to calculate various loan providers’ total loan cost so that you find an affordable solution after you’re done with the comparison you will always find an affordable marriage loan so that it becomes easy for you to repay.

A marriage loan

Is available online and you need to submit the online application. The personal loan apply online process is going to be very smooth and completely paperless. Fill up the online application form that will be available on the official website of the loan provider and scan all the original documents that are required by the loan provider and upload them along with the application form.

Except for all the terms and conditions of the loan provider to get the submission completed. After you have submitted the online application for the marriage loan you need to wait for two to three hours to get a response from the loan provider end.


In the case of a marriage loan happens usually between two to three hours and it will be conveyed via email. You will receive a confirmation regarding the approval process on your registered email address and you need to send your acceptance.

After you have accepted, you will get the loan agreement, to which you need a proper response so that the loan provider can process the disbursement.


Of a marriage loan is done instantly on your registered bank account. The bank account will be credited with the loan sanctioned amount and after which the loan repayment will start from the very next month.

Wrapping up

A marriage loan is an instant personal loan online that you can get from various digital platforms. The personal loan apply process of an instant personal loan will be easy and smooth when you meet the eligibility criteria.

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