The modern world uses all kinds of advertising to promote and promote brands, including special products. Its varieties are countless, and each category performs its functions and tasks as follows; the goals set and differ not only in production technology but also in the semantic load.

The most important rule to rely on while choosing a promotional product is the purpose and target audience of the promotional products in Australia


Varieties of advertising and products are based on many factors used to determine the target audience and profitability of use. Russian legislation establishes the following classification:

  • political;

  • economic;

  • social;

  • commercial.

Advertising products are used in all these areas, but the most popular type is commercial. Therefore, making such products is an important step in any PR campaign.

Types of Promotional Products

Varieties of commercial advertising depend on many factors. The categories of separation include:

  • objectives;

  • place and method of placement;

  • scale;

  • Posters and stands.

Each advertising product has pros and cons, but the most commonly used type is the poster. The second place since the dawn of time belongs to the stands. These promotional products are indispensable for exhibitions, conferences, and presentations. 

Promotional Stands

Promotional stands are no less popular with manufacturers of goods. This type is a great way to demonstrate products to potential customers and attract attention visually. Promotional stands are tasting and presentation tables. This type is considered very convenient and compact.


 It is a no less popular type of promotional product. Simply put, these are sheets with one or more folds. The booklet aims to familiarize the target audience with the products or services offered. It is one of the most inexpensive advertising options, allowing you to reach a sufficient number of potential customers. 


This type allows not only to advertise the product and attract the buyer with nice promotions and discounts but also to allow the audience to study the goods, descriptions, and prices. Colorful photos and advantageous catalog offers are the keys to success.


Truly the most inexpensive way, which, nevertheless, is very effective. The leaflet performs the following functions: first of all, it should provide information about the product or service; familiarize the consumer with the conditions and good offers. 


There are several types of calendars:

  • pocket calendars;

  • quarterly;

  • desktop;

  • wall calendars.

This promotional product is a souvenir and is often given to partners and employees of the organization to maintain the image. First of all, it concerns wall calendars. They look expensive and presentable. Such gifts are usually given for some serious holidays.

Ceramics and Glass

Mugs and ashtrays are widely used and popular business gifts.

Edible Souvenirs

Today, the share of edible souvenirs around the world is about 10% of the total number of promotional items sold.


Textile products as an advertising medium are gaining popularity in the market.


The most frequently used type at conferences, training, and presentations is a pen with a logo. It will surely stay with your customers for a long time. It is a convenient advertising-souvenir production, allowing those who visit one conference to write down the necessary information at once. 

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