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Are you feeling bored? Well, if you are someone who loves playing card games you can get rid of your boredom by playing an online Solitaire card and tash game. Solitaire, also referred to as patience, is a card game that has the goal of sorting out the cards in a specific order. Solitaire is basically meant for single player but while playing solitaire online you can compete with more than one player. Some of the benefits of online solitaire over the traditional card game are as follows:

You Don’t Need To Rely On Your Family or Friends

In this busy life it’s not possible for everyone to set an evening aside to play card with your family or your friends. If you are facing the same situation, online solitaire might be the solution for you. Unlike the traditional card game, while playing solitaire you don’t need to call your friends and arrange the time and place to play.

You Can Compete With Other Players

If you’re bored of playing alone, you can challenge other players as well. On some of the sites you can text chat with others players and have fun with them.

More User Interactivity

Unlike the traditional cards game, solitaire provides more user interactivity. For example you can customize the deck, background with different themes available. You can enable and disable the sound as well.

Help Feature

There is no need to panic if you stuck in between. With the Hint feature you can play the game more efficiently.

No Need for Commitment

The best thing about playing online solitaire is that, it doesn’t require a commitment and special efforts. Whenever you feel bored or uncomfortable you can leave the game. Unlike the traditional card game there is no one you need to answer or giver reasons.

Automatic Shuffling, Dealing and Turning

In online solitaire, different tasks like shuffling, dealing and turning over of the cards is done for you automatically by the computer. All you need to do is push a button or click the mouse.

There are probably other reasons you can think of to play solitaire online. So what are you waiting for? Play Solitaire online today and have fun!

Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire card game is a card game that originated in Australia. In the US, it is known as ‘Solitaire’ and in British English it is referred to as ‘Patience.’ This card game has over 54 variations. There are multiplayer solitaire card games too.

It is a game generally played with a deck of 52 cards. Solitaire games involve dealing cards from a shuffled deck in a methodical arrangement on a table. A player tries to re-order the deck by suit and rank through a series of moves, transferring cards from one place to another. There are prescribed restrictions that have to be followed. All the cards of a certain rank form the guidelines on which the suits are built. The moves proceed until the game is won or a further move is impossible. This is known as making or breaking the game. Some games allow re-shuffling of the deck or the placement of cards in a new or empty location.

Solitaire has its own terminology. There are many types of solitaire games, but the term solitaire is often used to refer to the most well known form called ‘Klondike.’ The other types of solitaire have been adapted into two-player competitive games. As mentioned earlier, solitaire has many variations using either one or more deck of cards with rules of varying complexity and skill level. Many of these have been converted in to electronic games and are available on computers. There are about 150 solitaire card games that have been devised.

The term solitaire is used for single-player games of dexterity and the ability to play the game. The games use a set of layout of tiles, pegs and stones, instead of cards. This card game is played all over the world and enjoyed by people of all ages Read More

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