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Today, businesses, publishing houses, authors, and independent content creators are continually generating large amounts of content. This includes content in the form of blogs, videos, PDFs, presentations, podcasts, newsletters, and so on. 

While the quality of the content is often top-notch, the distribution of content can be a highly fragmented process. Recipients may need to access content either via email. They may need to download attachments and video files onto their device. 

They may also need to download an app or log into a platform to download and access heavier files, which is not always a secure process. 

Overall, it can be an extremely cumbersome process for the recipients, one which diminishes the overall experience of the user while viewing the content. 

Leveraging the best content distribution platforms eliminates all these issues and creates a unified experience both for the distributors of content and the recipients. 

What Is a Content Distribution Platform?

A content distribution platform is essentially software that enables the distribution of content via a unified, data-driven, structured platform. Instead of using multiple software such as email, file sharing apps, and messaging apps to distribute content, all content can be uploaded to the content distribution platform and distributed directly from here. 

There are several advantages to using this approach. Distributing sensitive content via such a platform is extremely secure, unlike when you leverage a file-sharing app. Content distribution platforms also accommodate a wide range of content formats, including video, audio, presentations, documents, and ebooks.  

Creating a Mobile-First Experience 

Today all the best content distribution platforms ensure that they can be managed via mobile. Secondly, the recipients can access content via their smartphones. This is an important feature, especially in the era internet users are growing used to the idea of accessing content anytime and from anywhere. 

And those companies that wish to capitalize on users must ensure that their content distribution software is equipped to deliver via mobile content distribution platforms

Here is a snapshot of five content distribution software to consider for your content distribution needs. 

Kytes By Hurix  

Kytes is a product of Hurix Digital, an innovative technology provider to a wide range of businesses. One of the best content distribution platforms, Kytes offers a seamless experience to businesses and independent content creators while sharing both static and dynamic content. 

A large number of recipients can be added to the platform and segregated into various groups based on content relevance. Content can also be segregated into playlists and shared time and again as required. 

Recipients need not download any attachments or click on links. They can enjoy a unified experience of all content. 

This mobile-first content distribution platform also makes it easy for recipients to access all content on their smartphones. 

Admins have access to detailed data analytics that offers insights into how users engage with the content. A wide range of industries, such as pharma and retail, and functions, such as Human Resources, leverage the Kytes content distribution platform.  


RELAYTO specializes in helping to transform static content such as PDFs, MP4s, and images) into engaging, interactive experiences. 

For instance, you can import PDFs and presentations into RELAYTO’s intuitive builder, along with additional content such as text, images, video, and audio. The software then transforms static content into dynamic interactive experiences. These then can be published to various recipients for viewing on desktop and mobile. 

The software allows admins to customize the permissions and user management based on the relevance and confidentiality requirements. 


This desktop software and online tool can be leveraged to design and distribute professionally crafted digital flipbooks. For instance, ebooks in the form of PDFs, digital brochures, and sales collateral can be transformed into interactive pieces of content. 

It is being leveraged by companies to generate engaging content and enhance communications. The platform is accessible via desktops and mobiles and can be easily integrated with third-party ecosystems. 


Paperflite is a content management and sales enablement software and a one-stop shop for sales and marketing teams. The platform enables users to store, structure, share and monitor content. 

Additionally, it enables sales and marketing professionals to design and distribute engaging experiences through websites, landing pages, and other interactive content. 

Access to such a platform enables sales professionals to streamline lead generation into an optimized process and bring efficiency to their function. 

Social Pilot

With clients and consumers engaging on many social media platforms, companies and content creators also need to be present and actively engage through which channels. However, this can prove to be a very manually intensive process, with a lot of duplication of effort. 

By leveraging a platform such as Social Pilot, companies can manage all their social media properties using this unified automated platform. Marketing activities across social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and TikTok, can be efficiently managed via Social Pilot. 

Social media conversations can be accessed via the Social Inbox. A company’s social media may be managed by multiple team members, and up to 10 members can be added to one social media account. 

Content can be scheduled in advance. Multiple posts can be scheduled across various platforms at one time. 

The best part, however, is access to detailed social media analytics and reporting, which helps keep track of performance.

To Wrap Up

Today, a wide range of businesses are using professional content distribution platforms. This includes small and medium-sized businesses,

Social media influencers and content creators, publishing houses, and large enterprises in sectors such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), healthcare, education, automotive, media and entertainment, pharma, retail, and non-profits. 

Kytes’s state-of-the-art content distribution platform offers a mobile-first experience to businesses, publishers, and content creators. The system can also be customized based on the organization’s needs. 

Partner with Kytes to access your own customized content distribution platform that seamlessly facilitates all your content distribution needs. You can expect 24/7 customer support from our team because content creation and distribution never sleep. 

Head over now to learn more!

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